Sandy Retheford

Three years ago, I decided to take piano lessons as an adult, for the first time. I asked a good friend who is a gifted musician, what I should look for and what questions to ask in my search for a piano teacher. Her advice was: “Look for someone who…. 

  • Teaches both theory and method 
  • Has experience teaching adults
  • Has a passion not only for music, but for teaching music.” 

 I also knew that for my particular personality, I needed someone who was: 

  • Organized
  • Dependable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Encouraging 
  • Could communicate well 

 Joan McCallum met all these criteria during my search three years ago and continues to do so for me each week. I look forward to my daily practice time and my weekly lesson with Joan, as I continue to grow and learn in my ability as a piano student.


Jim larson

With a passion for teaching music and a personal interest in her students, Joan incorporates her relaxed nature and great sense of humor to deliver a personalized style to her lessons. Gifted with a unique ability to make the journey fun and fulfilling, she has demonstrated that she is a committed professional. Joan has succeeded at far more than teaching me how to play the piano; she has given me the priceless gift of music.


Mary Pulitzos

My children were only 4 years old, when they started piano lessons, they are now 10 and 12, and it has been a joy to watch and listen to them over the years. Sure there have been struggles, especially related to practice, because the payoff of daily practice isn't always evident, and unlike a team sport, you don't have others to help you through. Piano requires self-motivation and an unwavering discipline, but in the end, the payoff is much bigger than the cheers from the stands, it is a beautifully, memorized musical piece. Thank you Joan for 8 years of patience and understanding.


Wendey Lang

My daughters Chelsea and Chloe have taken piano lessons from Joan McCallum for approximately ten years. Chelsea is now in college and is able to play the piano for her own enjoyment. Chloe has been taking lessons for nine years.   Piano has not always been smooth sailing but, with Joan's loving, caring and great teaching Chloe is successful today. Joan encourages and communicates well with both the students and parents.   During one of Chloe's low points I was ready for her to quit. I talked with Joan. She was encouraging and had helpful insights on how to get Chloe through this time period. I am thankful we did not give up. I can honestly say Chloe loves piano. She looks forward to lessons and practice. Chloe loves playing for friends and family.   Practicing and memorizing music has helped Chloe form good study habits. She has also learned about commitment and perseverance.    Piano is a blessing to our family and is worth it!

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